PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) education is all about the wider development of young people. The tailored curriculum ensures that students have the skills and knowledge necessary to live a happy and fulfilling life both individually and as a member of society. PSHE contributes significantly to a young person’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, their behaviour and safety as well as their wellbeing.

Our aims for PSHE education at Eastlea Community School are as follows:

  • To address the challenges that face young people.

  • To equip our students with the necessary knowledge to live a happy and safe life.

  • To develop the skills that our students need for a happy, successful and safe life.

  • To ensure our students are ready for the world of work.


Students will develop a range of skills through PSHE education, including;

  • Self-reflection

  • Decision making

  • Empathy

  • Communication

  • Resilience

  • Team Work

  • Negotiation

  • Identifying risks

  • Managing risks

  • Managing emotions

  • Managing transition 

PSHE is delivered through a variety of methods including theatre in education sessions, external workshops and classroom based lessons during mentor time. The following three main areas are covered in the PSHE curriculum; health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.


The following topics are explored within these three areas throughout years 7-11:

  • Managing transition

  • Friendships

  • Living without harm

  • Showing respect

  • Looking to the future

  • My options

  • Healthy relationships

  • Mental wellbeing

  • Looking after yourself

  • Managing risk

  • Personal Safety

  • Sex & Relationships


Sex and Relationship Education is compulsory for young people from the age of 11 onwards. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from the parts of Sex and Relationship Education that are non-statutory. If you would like to do so you should contact the school and ask to speak to Miss L Shirani.

Alongside PSHE, we also deliver a range of careers education for students in both KS3 and KS4. Throughout the year we have visitors from a diverse range of careers to deliver talks. In the past year we have had professionals in to talk about their roles in marketing, the legal profession, midwifery, construction and finance to name a few. We even had a Lord come in to visit from the House of Lords! 

We start our careers education at an early age. This year we hosted a fantastic event with the global company SEGRO. The whole of year 8 got to have a go at speed networking. Through our careers education we ensure that we deliver impartial information to all students. We also ensure that we equip the students with the skills they need for the future. All students will partake in work experience (with a host of additional opportunities to experience the world of work). All students will also get a chance to partake in a WOW day (World Of Work day). During this day they will learn how to write a C.V and how to successfully complete an interview. 

For students who may need a little extra support we run the Diana Award mentoring scheme. Around 20 volunteers from local businesses come in weekly to support students with the skills mentioned above.

In year 11 we hold a Post 16 Options fair. During this event students can speak to around 25 different providers from the local area and outside of Newham in the comfort of school. This is a great opportunity for them to start the year 11 journey. We also have a careers advisor on site for two days a week completing appointments with the whole of year 11 as well as running a drop in for all students at lunch time. During lunchtimes, providers host talks for all interested students to take part in and we also host information sessions on apprenticeships. For more information please see the careers section of the website.  

If you wish to make contact with the Wider Personal Development team, please mark FAO at info@eastlea.newham.sch.uk

Leilee Shirani - Curriculum Team Leader

Alexandra Stechmann - Subject Coordinator  


- If you would like to access information about our programme, please contact either Leilee Shirani on the provided email addresses. 

Our next review of this published information will be July 2019. 

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