I am constantly impressed with the professionalism and dedication of our staff and the ambition and desire to learn of our wonderful students and the support of our families and governors. Since taking over at Eastlea, I have sought to create an aspirational, supportive and happy environment where expectations are placed on students to reach their full potential. We have introduced new pupil progress monitoring measures and made structural changes which are already having a big impact on academic performance. I told families when I joined this school, that I had no lesser ambition than to turn Eastlea into an Ofsted- rated outstanding school. I remain steadfast in my belief in the limitless potential of this school and its students. I said we will be outstanding and we will.


Under my leadership I will continue to bring the values of hard work and discipline, a culture of high expectation and belief in limitless possibilities to the students, staff and community

at Eastlea. We are proud of our amazing inclusion department and the outstanding provision that we can offer our children. This will remain an inclusive school, and we will instil the confidence and self-belief you normally associate with students at independent schools. Our students deserve to go to a school that believes all children should have access to life changing opportunities, this is our vision at Eastlea.

Education, as it is in many parts of this country, is of the utmost importance to the young people we teach. It can be the starting point to a very different life trajectory. With your support, we must do all we can to significantly improve the life chances of the young people in our care, starting today.

I cannot do any of this on my own of course. I will continue to depend on you, the supportive parents, the hard working staff of Eastlea and our wonderful students to drive these changes forward. I will improve the life chances of all of our students. We will ensure that no child is left behind. We will make sure that all of our children are successful, no matter what their starting point is.


I very much look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you all.

Stephen Gillatt 


Eastlea Community School 

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