1. Eastlea's Consistency Framework - click here to access. 

2. Yr 11 Parents Evening - please click here for the letter.

3. Term time leave request - please click here for the form.

4. Changes to the school system - please click here to access the letter sent out to all parents today 17/10/19.

5. Preparation for Year 11 - please click on the below link for further information: 

6. Parental Literacy Support - please click here


1. Year 11 Support - list of websites for revision. 

2. A Parent's Guide to GCSE Revision by Letts.

3. YouTube Guide - 8 things parents need to know about this platform. Please click here to access the information. 

4. Keeping your child safe online - please click on the guidance documents below: 

5. National Online Safety - please click here for tips and guidance.

6. Policing Vs Parenting: get to grips with gaming guide , Fornite online safety guide and more.

7. Suggested Apps and online games: 7-11 yrs and 11-14 yrs.

8. A Parent's guide to Internet Controls.

9. What parents need to know about TikTok.


Please click on the links below for the latest or relevant information -

1. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019

2. Prevent Duty


1. World of Work Day - Friday 17th January 2020, please click here to access the letter. 

shortcut to key apps:

Please find below some of the useful apps you can use to monitor your child's progress, make payments and access other information. 

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