​Music is part of the Arts Curriculum area which comprises of Art, Music and drama. All Arts subjects are offered to all students at key stage 3 and at key stage  4 at Eastlea Community School. Through these creative subject students are able to unlock their imagination, intellect, empathy and confidence. Students ideas, responses and feelings are expressed, communicated and valued providing them with the skills to question and challenge.


The curriculum across the Arts is rich, exciting, varied and fully inclusive. We aim to develop a wide range of skills to help support students to be successful across the Arts curriculum and in their lives as a whole.


At KS3, students perform and compose as a whole class through singing, drumming and using a range of other instruments. Students explore different styles of music styles and genres through performance, composition, listening and computer software. When students are in the music we aim for them to be confident and develop a love and passion for music. Students following topics such as the blues, calypso, film music, notation, popular songs, chord and accompaniment. 

We offer a wide range of enrichment activities for students with a passion for music, these include steel pan club, a school choir, school band club and  1-2-1 and group vocal coaching lessons. 


Students take part in one 50 minute lesson per week. Homework is set once every two weeks using the DPR. Students skills in listening, composing and performing are assessed. 

Schemes of work for  year 7 include:

  • Autumn term 1 - Keyboards

  • Autumn term 2 - Music and Me

  • Spring term 1 - African drumming

  • Spring term 2 - Horror music

  • Summer term 1 - Compose a cartoon character

  • Summer term 2 - band breakout


Schemes of work for year 8 include:

  • Autumn term 1 - Music and Me

  • Autumn term 2 - Keyboards

  • Spring term 1 - Structure and composition

  • Spring term 2 - Class playlist

  • Summer term 1 - Classical music

  • Summer term 2 - Salsa 


Students at Eastlea Community School select their GCSE options to commence in year 9. Music Prepares students for the exam content from the AQA specification. This comprises of:


Component 1: Understanding Music

Students contextual understanding and listening skills are assessed. This is an exam with listening skills and written questions using excerpts of music. This component is worth 40% of the overall GCSE grade.


Component 2: Performing Music

Students are assessed on their performance skills as a solo performance and ensemble performance. The performance can be assessed through the use of and instrument and/or vocalist and/or via technology.This component is worth 30% of the overall GCSE grade.


Component 3: Composing Music

Students composing skills are assessed in this section . They are expected to create a composition to a brief and a free choice composition . This can be done as a vocalist or via and instrument or technology. This component is worth 30 % of the overall GCSE grade. 

At KS4 & 5 music is offered and the EdExcel syllabus is followed. Students study a wide variety of music. 


Schemes of work for year 9 includes;


  • Autumn term - Popular music

  • Spring term 1 - Song writing

  • Spring term 2 - Solo performance

  • Summer term 1 - Film music

  • Summer term 2 - Class concert


Musics intervention occurs at lunchtime and after school  where students are given help with homework and coursework. Rehearsals often take place to improve students’ performance skills. 


We offer an exciting range of enrichment activities in the Arts Curriculum, these include: 

  • Key Stage 3 Art club where this term they have been doing glass painting.

  • Choir - this is run weekly in the music department by and external vocal coach. All years are welcome.

  • Steel Pans -  this is run weekly by an external musician. All years are welcome.

  • Textile club - run weekly across Technology and Art.

  • School band club run twice a week. All year welcome.

  • Street dance run weekly in the dance studio, all years welcome. 

  • Ballet classes run weekly in the dance studio, KS3 only. 

We run regular intervention and homework catch up sessions to support students where needed. 


We have links with the English National Ballet where students have visited Sadlers Wells and they have carried out workshops within the school.  We also have links with Secret Cinema where students visit the sets and take part in workshops. Students make regular visits to a variety of theatre productions.


Careers in Music:

Composer, Music Artist, Session Musician, Songwriter, Record Producer, Film Music, Music Business, Management, DJ, Sound Engineer, Musical Director, A&R Coordinator, Music Journalist, Booking Agent, Broadcasting, Record Companies/Labels, Music & Entertainment Law.

The music industry is the fourth biggest employer in the UK.

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Students are also given the opportunity to make music at lunchtimes and practice pieces from Synthesia.  They can use their creativity to inspire each other and teach other students. 


Nicola Teale - Curriculum Team Leader of Arts 

Mary Greanery - Subject Coordinator of Arts

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Please keep an eye out for the latest news on Music interventions, educational visits, events & workshops, together with examples of students' work. 

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