More than just more able - the class of 2019!

The More Able programme at Eastlea Community School has been designed and developed based on the principle that our high achieving students are able to demonstrate their personal excellence. This north star has resulted in an offer which provides our students with experiences aimed at enriching their development, together with opening doors to a whole host of opportunities. Our approach since the programme's inception over seven years ago has been simple; challenge our students to do more! This has been achieved by starting with a strong foundation of advancing their ability to think, question and communicate. Our more able students are shown positive examples of and are supported to embed real self-belief, uphold a high level of resilience and have the vision to instil only the highest aspirations for themselves. Through our rich variety of longstanding partnerships with businesses and organisations, bespoke, tailor-made initiatives have been created to support our unique students. These initiatives have formed a core component of the more able offer and are a window into the real world. 


As the programme has developed and grown, so too has the response and engagement from students. In order to truly reflect the vibrancy of the young people at Eastlea Community School, during an assembly in October 2013, the more able programme manager during an assembly invited any student with the aspiration to do and achieve more, to simply start a conversation with her. In 2013 the strong group of twenty-five identified more able students began to grow. The response to the call of those striving to do more was answered in an abundance!


And so, it's July 2019 and one-by-one over forty students take a seat in the more able programme manager's office. The backdrop is ready, the camera set and what unfolds is quite simply, more than what any regular programme could create. The portraits tell a story of endless potential, personality, self-belief, growing from being petrified at speaking in a small group to delivering a six-minute speech in front of an audience of over 100, from a limiting belief that they couldn't to winning the principal's award, from being overshadowed by doubt to securing placements at prestigious businesses....all of which highlights the bright future for each of these students! 

It has been an honour to work with and know these wonderful young people for the past five years.....I wish them more than the very, very best. 

Meg Khan 


The More Able programme at Eastlea Community School is based upon the principle that our high achieving students must demonstrate academic excellence. This is achieved by developing their intellect, ability to think and communicate, remain resilient through challenges and uphold the highest aspirations. Students are also supported in developing confidence, self-efficacy and ultimately, a real strength of character. 

What began as an aim to raise aspirations in order to one day apply to study at a Russell Group university, soon began to improve students' self-belief, their attitude to learning and willingness to strive. This has resulted in not only an increase in the number of Eastlea students winning places and scholarships at some of the top colleges, sixth forms and universities, but also supports the increase in high aspirations across the school as a whole. 


Our five-year model provides tailored support, enriching experiences and opportunities for growth. This we believe both supports our students' ambitions and their readiness to secure places at top Key Stage 5 institutions and universities. Importantly also, ensuring that they are work/career-ready if that is their aspiration. 

Each of the five years spent at Eastlea Community School have been mapped out as a specific stage in a more able students' journey. Therefore each individual year has a set of key aims set against it, as listed below: 

Year 7 aims as part of the more able programme: 

  • Introduce a broader cultural and social awareness through debate, discussions and research. 

  • Introduction to and begin development of the key skills, confidence and high aspirations needed to match students' potential with their academic attainment.

  • Provide first exposure to top colleges/sixth forms and universities; developing an informed understanding about and pathways into such institutions. 

  • Provide first exposure to the world of work; setting bar at a high standard through specifically tailored engagement with top businesses. 

  • Initiate resilience, self-reflection and ability to monitor academic progress. 

Year 8 aims as part of the more able programme:

  • Provide opportunities to experience subject(s) specific high level academic project. 

  • Exposure to academics and experts in their area of study/research to enhance an appetite for independent learning and enquiry. Together with the development of high level written and research skills. 

  • Provide opportunities to showcase learning and skills development to an audience. 

  • Support in making informed option choices for key stage 4 and continued academic progress. 

Year 9 aims as part of the more able programme: 

  • Provide a rich variety of both-size and longer term opportunities to develop character, experiences ad skill set. 

  • Provide opportunities to stretch and challenge students in order to advance their academic attainment during their first year of GCSEs via engagement with top sixth forms and Russell Group universities. 

  • Exposure to and engagement with our business partners through workshops, projects and mentorship. 

  • Support in making continued academic progress. 

Year 10 aims as part of the more able programme: 

  • Provide opportunities to apply for mentoring initiatives and shorter term activities established through ECS partnerships and links with key stage 5 providers, Russell group universities and businesses. 

  • Opportunities to take on advanced academic challenges through university-style learning, therefore bridging students' readiness for GCSE exams and key stage 5 transition. 

  • Provide experiences to develop confidence, resilience, skills, with a view to support future applications to top colleges/sixth forms. 

  • Access to 'A day in the life of...' providing real-life insight into careers. 

  • Access to suitable information and guidance to support future decisions. 

  • Support in making continued academic progress. 

Year 11 aims as part of the more able programme: 

  • Support students readiness for life after school; sessional activities, assemblies and talks, through to specific tailored Q&A workshops run by college and representatives from the world of work. 

  • Provide opportunities for mentoring and programmes, continued from year 10 or new, in order to provide support during this pivotal stage. 

  • Access to workshops to support students' preparation and practise for key stage 5 applications, tests and interviews. 

  • Provide information and application support for programmes delivered by Russell Group universities during the intervening summer before key stage 5. 

  • Support in making and achieving the highest academic attainment at this final stage. 

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Oakley Adventures....

..set challenges for our year 9 more able students.

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