The BBC micro:bit was created to allow the next generation of coders to develop skills and understanding of Computer Science while simultaneously being prepared for new generation of embedded computing and the “internet of things”. 


Back in 2015 our school was chosen to be the focus of the international launch of this new device. Since then the school has pioneered use of the micro:bits in a range of projects in key stage 3 Computer Science lessons and the Technology department. 


Students at Eastlea learn about real world problem solving, for example by creating a system to improve access for wheel chair users to everyday tasks that might otherwise be impossible to accomplish with independence such as changing a light bulb or for creating futuristic “wearable tech” fashion.

Eastlea students take centre stage for  the Robots Replace Teachers campaign...

Our wonderful students have also been embedding these devices in a range of imaginative projects of their own devising, ranging from an autonomous flying blimp (see “Heading North”) to a distributed network of nodes for sending communications using Morse.


All as part of the students' learning journeys here at Eastlea Community School and this has continued to garner media attention. 



The positive impact that the BBC micro:bit has and continues to have is because of an overriding enthusiasm for constructive technology in general and it’s applications to education. The success we are enjoying with our use of micro:bits as a tool for learning is just one example of Eastlea as a restless school that is constantly striving to improve on excellence.

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