BBC School Report is a journalism project for students aged 11 to 18 across the UK. Students make the news and upload it to our website which is linked to the BBC’s interactive website map, meaning that our news is accessible to a worldwide BBC audience. Once per year the BBC showcase the work of School Reporters across BBC programmes in the UK on News Day which is Thursday, 15 March 2018.


At Eastlea’s BBC School Report, we focus on making high quality, student led televisual news. We have interviewed politicians such as the Prime Minister, Education Secretary and local MPs; Business leaders such as Lord Hall – Director of the BBC, Satya Nadella – CEO of Microsoft and Michael Acton Smith of Moshi Monsters; and from locations such as MCM Comicon  to The Forbidden City and Great Wall of China. Students develop journalistic skills, technical aptitude in directing, camera, sound and editing, and come away more confident individuals. The club is run by Mr Moss, a professional photographer, Director of Photography and seasoned sound engineer who has worked on international documentaries, Music videos and feature films.

Our team conducting interviews and shooting footage at an event at 10 Downing Street...


BBC News School Report Day, 15th March 2018

Unlike other schools, Eastlea students wrote, filmed and produced a whole new program full of different news items!

Top story: our students interview and Brian David Johnson on their new book WAR: Wizards and Robots. 

BBC News School Report Day, 11th August 2017 

In July 2017, Eastlea School students participated in an educational visit to Beijing and Jinan in China. They filmed a news item for their school and the BBC News School Report on their visit to the Forbidden City!

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