​Art is part of the Arts Curriculum area which comprises of Art, Music and drama. All Arts subjects are offered to all students at key stage 3 and at key stage  4 at Eastlea Community School. Through these creative subject students are able to unlock their imagination, intellect, empathy and confidence. Students ideas, responses and feelings are expressed, communicated and valued providing them with the skills to question and challenge. The curriculum across the Arts is rich, exciting, varied and fully inclusive. We aim to develop a wide range of skills to help support students to be successful across the Arts curriculum and in their lives as a whole.


Students are taught the visual language of Art and Design through skills, knowledge and understanding.The Art curriculum covers a range of topics to encourage competent techniques and knowledge of different approaches to making art.  The schemes of work are theme based and encourage students to recognise, apply and appreciate the formal elements; tone, line, form, shape, texture, colour and pattern .  Facilities in the department provide students with the opportunity to work with a variety of materials, tools and techniques which include pencil, paint, sculpture, collage and pastel. Students work in sketchbooks where they are encouraged to express themselves and experiment in different art techniques, record observations, analyse artists work as well as their own. 


The content of the Art curriculum is linked to the 4 main assessment objectives in art. These four main assessment objectives are used to create the key objectives that is used to assess students. This is done through the use of the DPR. The assessment objectives are:


AO1 - develop ideas through investigations, demonstrating critical understanding of sources.

AO2 - refine work by exploring ideas, selecting and experimenting with appropriate media, materials, techniques and processes.

AO3 - record ideas, observations and insights relevant to intentions as work progresses

AO4 - present a personal and meaningful response that realises intentions and demonstrates understanding of visual language. 


Year 7 and 8

Students’ take part in one 50 minute lesson each week. Homework is set once very two weeks using the DPR. The curriculum focuses on students drawing skills including use of tone.


Schemes of work for year 7 include:

  • Autumn term - natural forms 

  • Spring term - meaningful colours

  • Summer term - Composition


Schemes of work for year 8 include:

  • Autumn term - Pop Art

  • Spring term - perspective

  • Summer term - Cubism


Students at Eastlea Community School select their GCSE options to commence in year 9 . From year 9 Art prepares students for the exam content from the Edexcel specification.  We currently offer two Art course; Fine Art and Art textiles (new course this year). This comprises of:

Component 1 – Personal Portfolio: The GCSE Art course gives students opportunities to develop imaginative and expressive skills.  As the course progresses, students investigate techniques which best suit their interests and concerns. The aim is to encourage individual responses to set themes.  During projects, students are expected to research other artists’ work to increase their knowledge of different approaches and purposes of making art in varying times and cultures.


Component 2 - Timed test: Students will be given a ten-week preparatory period for the ten-hour timed examination.  At the start of this period, they will receive a thematic paper which will be used as a starting point for supporting studies in sketchbooks.  The supporting studies sketchbooks will be used to produce a personal response to the set theme during the controlled test.

The department’s excellent facilities allow students to choose media which best suit their interests.  The media which we can provide include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and digital photography. 


Fine Art

Students take part in 3 lessons per week. Homework is et once every week using the DPR. Students will be expected to develop knowledge and understanding of the following methods and materials throughout the 3 year course:

  • form, tone, texture and shape

  • the different purposes of mark-making

  • the relationships between hues, tints, tones and value

  • the use of a range of tools and surfaces such as brushes, knives, sponges, fingers and rags, papers, card, canvas

  • some of the following materials – graphite, wax crayon, oil pastel, soft pastel, aquarelle, charcoal, ink, chalk, conté crayon, paint and dyes

  • work in one of the following – figurative, representational, abstract

  • contextual connections between their work and the work of others, extracting and using meaningful information

  • technical skills in an appropriate range of media. 

Schemes of work for year 9 include:

  • Autumn and Spring terms - Natural and Man-made forms

  • Spring and Summer terms -Objects and belongings


Schemes of work for year 10 include:

  • Autumn and Spring terms - Identity

  • Spring and Summer terms -Objects and belongings


Schemes of work for year 11 include:

  • Autumn and Spring terms - Fragments

  • Spring and Summer terms - set by exam board


Art Textiles (currently only a year 9 class)

Students take part in 3 lessons per week. Homework is et once every week using the DPR. Students will be expected to develop knowledge and understanding of the following methods and materials throughout the 3 year course:

  • Use of form, tone, texture and shape

  • Use of a range of media such as pencil, paint, printing ink, synthetic and natural dyes, wax, crayons and embroidery

  • Use of a range of materials including paper, card and a variety of fabrics

  • Use of a range of construction techniques by hand or sewing machine.

  • Use of new technology including digital, CAD and CAM.

  • Responsibility for the environment as and artist or designer. 

  • contextual connections between their work and the work of others, extracting and using meaningful information

Schemes of work for year 9 include:

  • Autumn term - Natural forms include millinery, surface decoration, fabric manipulation and accessory construction

  • Spring term - costume designer and decoration.

  • Summer term - textile surface embellishment. 


Interventions takes the form of weekly exam skills sessions during lunch times and after school, specific and targeted feedback during lessons, as well as continuous assessment of work produced through practical performances and set homework tasks. Students are also encourage to visit exhibitions,  take part in Educational visits to galleries as well as join Art clubs. 


We offer an exciting range of enrichment activities in the Arts Curriculum, these include: 

  • Key Stage 3 Art club where this term they have been doing glass painting.

  • Choir - this is run weekly in the music department by and external vocal coach. All years are welcome

  • Steel Pans -  this is run weekly by an external musician. All year a welcome.

  • Textile club - run weekly across Technology and Art.

  • School band club run twice a week. All year welcome.

  • Street dance run weekly in the dance studio, all years welcome. 

  • Ballet classes run weekly in the dance studio, KS3 only. 

We run regular intervention and homework catch up sessions to support students where needed. 


We have links with the English National Ballet where students have visited Sadlers Wells and they have carried out workshops within the school.  We also have links with Secret Cinema where students visit the sets and take part in workshops. Students make regular visits to a variety of theatre productions and take part in workshops. Students also visit galleries each year such as the National Portrait Gallery.

Students also have the opportunity to take part in whole school performances which showcases the work for the term. Staff, students and parents are invited to join these performances. 



Nicola Teale - Curriculum Team Leader of Arts 

Mary Greanery - Subject Coordinator of Arts 

If you wish to make contact please mark FAO at: 


Please keep an eye out for the latest news on Art interventions, educational visits, events, artist workshops and wonderful examples of our students' artwork! 

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