Eastlea Community School is an outstanding place in which to learn and work. We are proud of the fact that we are a diverse and inclusive community, and these two aspects are embodied in our two greatest assets; our wonderful students and outstanding staff. Our students hail from all over the world. It is a student group rich in cultural and linguistic diversity. Over 60 different languages are spoken, including English. As an inclusive school we have students with a wide range of special needs.

    We have an on-site resource base catering for students with profound and multiple learning disabilities. However, all our students are fully integrated into mainstream teaching, and ably supported by a talented team of teaching assistants.

    Part of the school’s vision is focused around equipping our students with the necessary skills in order for them to fully participate in their local and global community.

    Student voice is a strength at our school, with the students playing key roles in a range of school matters from staff appointments to membership of the governors' committee.

    Our students are also active in the local community.

    They have been involved in a range of community activities; one was a member of the Local Authority Children and Young People’s Board and has been involved in the appointment of local authority officials, another is a member of Amnesty International’s Board.

    Our students campaign on a range of issues, including ‘End the stoning of women’ and the Arms Industry. Each Learning Community has an adopted charity for which they fund raise on an annual basis.

    The students are supported by a skilled, culturally diverse, hardworking and dedicated team of teaching and non-teaching staff who have strong leadership skills and a firm grasp of the way attainment and standards are raised.

    Attainment has risen steadily over the years, our students make very good progress through the key stages and many curriculum areas perform above the National norms. Individual student progress is checked systematically. The school does excellent intervention work supporting students in achieving their fullest potential.

    Eastlea was fortunate to have been granted a £14 Million BSF part refurbishment and new build.

    This was supplemented by a £750, 000 grant from the now defunct London Thames Gateway Development Corporation. As a result we have been able to deliver an exceptional environment akin to a university campus, with state of the art facilities.

    We believe that the best way to find out about us is to see us at work. We welcome visits to the school.

    Chinye Jibunoh